ICPC Contest Environment Initial Set up

When you first boot the flash drive, you will trigger the set up wizard. This document walks through the configuration options available.

Configure the team name that will be using this machine. It should be something like team999

When prompted whether you want to configure DOMjudge automatic login, choose yes

Enter the DOMjudge username this team will use(for SER2018, it will look like team999):

Enter the DOMjudge password for this team(Ask your site director for details)

You will see a message about squid reconfiguring. It may take a few moments, please be patient.

Choose "Yes" to configure printers:

Choose no if you haven't talked to Keith Johnson and set up web printers:

Load printers from the web: YES

Choose your school/location that has been preconfigured for you:

Load printers from the web: NO

Enter the ip address of your printer:

Verify the printers listed are correct:

Choose your printer driver(we recommend using ps)

Leave the IP address blank to finish adding printers:

Choose whether you want a test page sent to the printer or not when this wizard completes:

Verify your printer is listed on the summary page: